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Want To Post A Species Write-Up? Here's The Format

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 08:39 AM

If you have experience keeping any fish not currently included in our species index then please feel free to create a new topic using the format below:

COMMON NAME (the name/s that the fish is commonly traded under)
SCIENTIFIC NAME (the correct scientific name for the species)
FAMILY (the genus that the species is assigned to)
ORIGIN (where does the species occur in the wild?)
MAXIMUM SIZE (the potential size that the species can grow to - use wild and captive sizes if available)
TEMPERATURE RANGE (the ideal temperature range that the species should be kept in)
CARE (any appropriate methods or requirements for keeping this species - e.g. pH range, tank size, tank decoration/lighting etc.)
FEEDING - (the dietary requirements of the species and recommended foods)
SEXING (how to identify males and females of the species)
OTHER (any additional information or tips about keeping this species)

All posts in the species section will be reviewed by the Mod team prior to appearing on the forum.